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ESB Consulting Limited (‘ESB’) is a family and education consultancy; we support families from 20 weeks of pregnancy until their children are ready to leave school.

Spearheaded by a gold-standard, royal-appointed Norland Nanny and a former senior leader at King’s College School, Wimbledon - one of the world’s leading independent schools - we bring a high level of experience, empathy, and discretion to the table.

Based in London, we offer a wide range of services to support families on their journey from pregnancy and parenthood to school and beyond.

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Why Us

ESB’s core values are discretion, experience, and empathy.

Discretion: Positive relationships are built upon mutual trust and respect, particularly when it comes to your child. We know that trust is hard-earned, and we will always have the utmost respect for your privacy.

Experience: Our advice and guidance is deep-rooted in years of personal and professional experience. We are committed lifelong learners, staying at the forefront of the everchanging world of families and education. We are also fortunate to draw on a wider network of outstanding professionals through ESB’s Directory.

Empathy: Pregnancy, parenthood, and the world of education are notoriously difficult challenges to navigate. Whilst we provide honest, factual advice and guidance which may differ from your aspirations, we do so with a firm sense of kindness, knowing that the decisions you make are done with your children’s best interests in mind.

As you read through our ‘what’, please remember our ‘why’ – it is fundamental to who we are and why we love doing what we do!

Family Consultancy

1:1 Antenatal Course

Having been through our own pregnancy journey recently, we were surprised at the lack of bespoke 1:1 support and practical guidance for families during their pregnancy journey, regardless of their birth choices. ESB’s 1:1 antenatal course and preparing for birth consultations are the cornerstone of our family consultancy offering, bringing together years of professional and personal experience to prepare for birth, baby, and parenthood. Consultations can take place at your home or nearest Soho House, or online.

Norland Nanny

Sabina, our Family Consultant, is a degree-educated graduate of the prestigious Bath-based Norland College. As one of a small handful of students trained each year in the early 2010s, Sabina was taught to the highest standards by industry leading childcare experts, many of whom she is still in contact with to this day. For over 12 years, Sabina has worked with a wide variety of families in a professional capacity across the UK and globally, supporting royalty and UHNWs as well as providing voluntary childcare for families in difficult circumstances. She has picked up several babies from hospital and is fortunate to have become a godparent to some of her former charges.


The tools required to be a good parent are quite different to those required to be a good Early Years’ professional. Experiencing the ups and downs of pregnancy and birth, feeling the weight of responsibility of having a newborn, the emotional roller coaster of pregnancy and the fourth trimester, and the lack of sleep has instilled a deeper level of empathy and understanding into Sabina’s work and consultations. We are also particularly conscious of the challenges faced by those without an immediate family support network around them, and know this is where the 1:1 support of a Family Consultant can be invaluable to new parents.

Education Consultancy

Distinctly Local

Uniquely, our school search and advisory service focuses on schools in three specific geographic regions: South West England, central and south west London, and Surrey.

We excel as specialists in locations that we have a strong historical knowledge of, as well as up-to-date insights, through our ongoing school visits; we do not purport to cover all four corners of the UK and beyond.


Having been educated for over 20 years in South West England, we have a lived-experience and deep understanding of the history and educational culture of the region.

We have also spent over 20 years collectively working in London and Surrey, which provides us with a vast and up-to-date understanding of the schools in both regions.

At ESB, we are particularly attuned to the nature of school admissions in all three regions, as such we are highly knowledgeable about the strategies required to succeed in competitive entrance exams as well as the organisational requirements to secure a first-come, first-served place.


We are fortunate to assess and review schools from three perspectives:

Firstly, as parents who have gone through the process of choosing a school for our son.

Secondly, as a former teacher and senior leader, we see through the facade of open mornings, school league tables, and favourable reviews. We pick up aspects of schools that are not immediately apparent to the untrained eye, and provide a clear sense of why certain schools will or will not be suitable for your child.

Finally, we benefit from the perspective of a Norland Nanny who has experienced many Early Years settings and has supported her charges into some of the most sought-after Nursery and Pre-Preps in the country.


Whilst we maintain warm relationships with our schools, our advice and guide is 100% independent; we are not agents for any school, nor do we take commission from any school for placing a child with them.

As such, our consultations are solely focused on what we believe is best for your child and your family.

Education Consultancy